5 Red Flags for Home Buyers

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If you are selling your home, it needs to be ready to go on the market. There are some red flags that potential homeowners will look for when buying a home. It’s important that you don’t have any of these problems that may prevent someone from buying your home.

1-The first red flag that may go up when someone is looking at a home, is the ceiling. If there are stains on the ceiling, that more than likely means something is leaking. If the stains are directly below the bathroom, chances are the shower is leaking. It may need to be re-caulked but if it requires ripping out tile or the shower pan, this could be a costly expense. Make sure you go around to all of your ceilings and look for stains. Repair any leaks or damages before you list your home.

2- Another red flag that may come up for potential homebuyers is an outdated electrical system. The demands of electricity exceed what older homes might have. Getting a new electrical system may cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars. When selling your house, make sure you have a strong, updated electrical system in place.

3- If your driveway, porch, yard or patio slope towards your house, this is a big red flag for potential home buyers. This can tell a potential homeowner that this particular home can get flooded easily. If a basement gets flooded, it can cause all kinds of problems for the homeowner. Mold and mildew can grow and carpets may need to be replaced. If you are looking at the inside of a house and the basement smells musty, it may be a sign that there has been previous flooding in the house. The problem may be solved by adding gutter extensions. If that doesn’t work, you may need to excavate and build new drains and this could cost thousands of dollars.

4- The fourth red flag that may be of a concern to potential homebuyers is an odor in the home. Pet odors and cigarette smells can sometimes be hard to get rid of. If the home smells too clean and reeks of pine cleaner or bleach, the owner may be trying to cover up a stronger odor.

5-The last red flag pertains to pictures that you put online when listing and selling your home. If a potential home buyer sees pictures of your kitchen and bedrooms but not the bathroom or backyard, they may wonder what you are hiding. It’s a good idea to post pictures of all rooms and areas in your home. If there is something that needs to be fixed in a particular room, make sure you repair it before you list it. This will help your home sell much quicker if it is move in ready.

There are of course other red flags that may come up when someone is looking to buy a home. And it’s important that homebuyers listen to their gut when it comes to certain things about a home. The structure of the home and the siding of the home are also things to look at when selling your home. Make sure they are in good shape and free from rot, mold and moisture.